Worst Prospects of 2015: Gilbert Gomez

Gilbert Gomez
Binghamton Mets Gilbert Gomez can't hold his swing in the ninth inning against the Reading Fightin' Phils at NYSEG Stadium on June 7, 2015. (Gordon Donovan)

Every year the experts at Baseball America and MLB Pipeline compile their lists of the top 100 prospects in the minors and the top 20 for each major league team. Some of these players do make the show, but many never make it out of low minors. While Mets fans anxiously awaited the arrivals of top prospects Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto in 2015, there’s a core of players that will never see Citi Field unless they buy a ticket. Here’s one of the 10 worst prospects in the Mets system in 2015.

Do the New York Mets realize that they have this guy in the organization? In seven seasons with team, the outfielder has a career batting average of .229 with 18 home runs and 179 RBI.

Gomez played with Binghamton in 2015 and torn up the league, batting .130 with an OBP of .237 in 69 games.

Why is this guy still in the organization?

Is he holding a roster spot until Desmond Lindsay is ready?

Did the Mets forget about him or thought he was a clubhouse attendant?

The 23-year-old Dominican will not remind you of anyone you ever heard of.

He did hit .307 in 22 games with St. Lucie in 2011 — a team that featured a top player named Stefan Welch. Who’s in back home in Australia playing baseball with the Adelaide Bite.

Maybe Gilbert needs a plane ticket to Australia?

Gilbert Gomez’s career numbers >>

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