Worst Prospects of 2015: Dionis Rodriguez

Dionis Rodriguez
New York Mets prospect Dionis Rodriguez (5) bats in a spring training baseball game at the Mets Minor League Facility in Port St. Lucie, Fla., March 28, 2015. (Gordon Donovan)

Every year the experts at Baseball America and MLB Pipeline compile their lists of the top 100 prospects in the minors and the top 20 for each major league team. Some of these players do make the show, but many never make it out of low minors. While Mets fans anxiously awaited the arrivals of top prospects Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto in 2015, there’s a core of players that will never see Citi Field unless they buy a ticket. Here’s one of the 10 worst prospects in the Mets system in 2015.

In four seasons in organized baseball, Dionis Rodriguez batted a sizzling .213 in 115 career games.

In 11 games with the K-Mets in 2015, D-Rod hit .152 in an injury-shortened season.

“He should be hitting .400 after sleeping with all those slump busters” said one fan when Rodriguez was spotted with several women that were very unattractive.

The Mets were hoping that the catcher would retire when he was not assigned to a team after spring training.

Rodriguez stuck it out in extended spring training and was bypassed by other catchers who were assigned to Savannah and short-season Brooklyn.

A decent receiver who really doesn’t handle pitchers well.

Pitching coaches often seem frustrated by his daydreaming behind the plate missing signals.

Equally as bad at the plate, where he strikes out every 3.5 at-bats in his career.

With much more talented receivers like Patrick Mazeika, Ali Sanchez, and Natanael Ramos in the lower levels, Rodriguez may be looking for work as a bullpen catcher in the Dominican Republic before his 21st birthday.

Another 2015 Baseball America prospect guide mistake who had no business even being mentioned in the book.

Rodriguez may looking for job after spring training unless Brooklyn needs a bullpen catching on the roster in 2016.

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