Worst Prospects of 2015: Oswald Caraballo

Oswald Caraballo
Brooklyn Cyclones Oswald Caraballo (9) pops out in the fifth inning against the Staten Island Yankees at Richmond County Bank Ballpark on Staten Island, June 21, 2015.

Every year the experts at Baseball America and MLB Pipeline compile their lists of the top 100 prospects in the minors and the top 20 for each major league team. Some of these players do make the show, but many never make it out of low minors. While Mets fans anxiously awaited the arrivals of top prospects Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto in 2015, there’s a core of players that will never see Citi Field unless they buy a ticket. Here’s one of the 10 worst prospects in the Mets system in 2015.

Perhaps the worst baseball player in the entire Mets minor league system in 2015.

The scout who signed this guy was brought to New York City this past season for a CAT scan at the Hospital for Special Surgery.

This guy could benefit from PED’s, maybe?

The Venezuelan born Caraballo was such an embarrassment to his homeland that government officials tried to have his birth certificate changed to read that he was born in neighboring Colombia.

Caraballo was a fan favorite at MCU Park because when people watched this guy play it kept their dream alive of possibly playing for the Mets.

One fan commented, “I know I suck, but he really sucks. He’s too busy looking at the cheerleaders, like he has a chance with one of them. He’s not even watching the game.”

In 45 games, Caraballo connected for 13 hits and struck out 14 times while hitting .131 in 2015.

He created a new line in batting terminology, “The Caraballo Crossing” when a batter breaks .100 for their batting average.

Caraballo showed an extra blind eye at the plate, walking only three times in 116 plate appearances with Brooklyn and Savannah. Not exactly money ball.

His defense was his strength, but he was often too preoccupied with the fans in Brooklyn and daydreaming in the outfield and would thus lose track of the number of outs and throw to the wrong base.

On Oct 6, 2015, Caraballo was released by the Mets.

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  1. I was covering a game in HV & he cost Brooklyn the game because he tripped over his own feet while trying to make a throw. The scorer was wondering if stupidity qualified as an error.

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